George White Removal Truck
Moving Tips


Whilst our main service is domestic removals, due to the flexibility of the vehicles we can offer a wide range of transport services such as:
Vehicles, e.g.
  • classic cars
  • road cars
  • boats
Equipment, e.g.
  • building plant
  • agricultural plant
Building materials, either sourced by you or us, e.g.
  • British plaster and emulsion
  • Kitchens
  • Bathrooms
Almost anything is possible so long as it is legal! Some examples of what we have carried can be seen on the Photos page.

The basic service we offer consists of a driver and the vehicle, though storage can be arranged and it may be possible to arrange additional labour at cost.

For smaller quantities of goods or locations off an economic route for our larger trucks, we can arrange collection using a smaller vehicle and transfer over at our premises to our larger vehicles for the remainder of the journey.

Periodically we are able to make up a load of many much smaller deliveries into a specific area (e.g. Limoges / Eymet / Agen / Gaillac / Caussade) or anywhere en-route, with prices starting from below 100 Pounds per delivery if you can meet the truck at a convenient spot or are near another pick-up / drop. Prices and timings of this service are dependent on our other work, so call to discuss and get a price for your needs.

By arrangement you can also have items delivered direct to our premises for onward shipping on our trucks. This is particularly useful if you are purchasing large items in the UK for shipment to France, or if you are based in France and have no delivery address in the UK.

Goods should be well packed into strong, stackable boxes or similar before we arrive. We will pack the vehicle, though assistance will be required for large or heavy items, and to bring goods to and from the vehicle.