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Load Pricing

How Do We Compare?
Our customers tell us we charge a fraction of the 'full service' removal firms, and find that the savings obtained by packing themselves and using us are well worth the effort. Ask us for a price and see for yourself why so many of our customers were surprised at what we quoted (and keep finding more things for us to ship one way or the other!)

As a rough cost guide for removals:
  • Full load between Midlands and Midi-Pyrenees (enough for a typical 4 bed house and a bit more) would be around GBP2500+UK VAT
  • The equivalent of a "van" load between Midlands and Midi-Pyrenees (enough for a small 1 bed flat) would be around GBP750 - 1000+VAT
These prices are purely indicative so you can see the difference between a big name full service mover (e.g. Pickfords) and ourselves. The actual prices charged may vary with:
  • Exact locations / distances
  • Whether we are already, or are likely to be, in those areas at those times
  • How easy the goods will be to load and unload (how long it will take), e.g. cars and pallets will cost less than removals
Contact us with your specific requirements.  We promise to give you a very competitive price

How Much Space Can I Have?
Loads are priced per linear metre, with a minimum from 2 metres. This minimum may be greater depending on pickup and delivery locations.

The maximum single load size (a full load) is 13.6 linear metres (approx 45 feet) or 24 tons.

In particular areas at particular times, there is almost no minimum load size if we don't have to take a detour to get to you (i.e. you are on our route, near another customer or come to meet us.)

How Much Space Do I Need?
A linear metre (3 feet 3 inches) is 2.4m (8 feet) wide and 2.6m (8 feet 6 inches) tall, but please bear in mind how well your goods will stack and pack together. Stacking capability is generally based on regularity of shape and size, and the strength of the boxes or furniture items.

The best way to visualise the space you will need is to imagine a room 8 feet wide with a typical ceiling height, and to mentally stack your goods within that.

Please note that Hazardous goods (e.g. gas bottles) may not be transported.

Full Loads
Timing of full loads is as required, subject to availability.

Part Loads
A part load means less than the full vehicle capacity, and will generally mean that other items will be scheduled onto the same trip.

Larger loads will tend to "call the tune" regarding timing, but smaller loads can be fitted in with these if the location and dates suit.

In some cases (e.g. remote pickup or delivery point) for small quantities it may be more economical for you to arrange delivery or pickup to or from a more central location. Alternatively, it may be possible for us to arrange for a smaller vehicle to collect the goods at cost.

Payment to be made in full in Pounds Sterling on delivery, plus VAT unless you have a valid French VAT (TVA) number.  We can take Euros by prior arrangement, but note that we will have to apply an exchange rate that covers our costs and admin of handling this.

Fuel Surcharge
Occasionally, due to exceptionally high fuel prices, we may have to levy a small fuel surcharge. We will notify you if this is the case